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Returns & obligations

Warranty  We grant a guarantee on our parts and accessories for 12 months, from the day you receive your order. For batteries, powerbanks and battery cases the warranty period is 6 months. Duration this period, we guarantee that our products are free of defects.

Our products  On all our parts we utilize a unique 'PPC' warranty stamp. Parts without this stamp will not be covered by our warranty. The returned products must be in the same packing as we issued and must be in good condition. If you do send without the right packing, or the product is in bad condition, we will not replace the product.

Warranty claims should be made within 14 days after discovering the deficiency. You can claim your warranty via the original order in your online account.


Our obligations upon shipment

1.  Any issues with Hong Kong customs will be handled by our representatives.
2.  Once the order is dispatched we are not liable for damages or losses.
3.  We are not responsible for customs clearance in your country and transit countries.


Your obligations when opening the packages

1.  Check if the tape seals and the fragile marks on the packages are still intact.
2.  Take photos of the packages and weight it for your record.
3.  If it looks like a package has been opened or visibly damaged, take pictures of it.
4.  When goods are damaged upon delivery, take a photo of the specific goods.
5.  When you have received goods you did not order, take 2 photos of each incorrect item.
6.  2 weeks after receiving the photo's, weight & the article numbers we will come with a solution.


Not covered

Not covered by this warranty:

1.  Parts or accessories that are expired warranty period.
2.  Parts without our 'PPC' warranty stamp.
3.  Damages of deficiencies due to improper use of the goods, such as incorrect installation or use, severe lack of attentiveness, made modifications, water damage, use with non-compatible devices or overvoltage damage.
4.  External factors out of our control, such as flash of lightning, electricity fall-out, natural disasters, etc.
5.  LCD's without stickers or LCD's with glue residue or dirt on it (dry-fit first).
6.  Parts with a broken flex cable, connector damage or small parts missing.
7.  Any scratches, cracks, dirt or other damages on the returned goods.
8.  Damages or deficiencies to the device itself due to a defect of the parts or accessories.
9.  Products have not been sufficiently protected against transporting damage during the return.


Returning damaged goods

Claim your warranty via the original order in your online account.
The return costs of the damaged goods are for your account.
We advise contacting your local logistic partner before returning batteries, powerbanks or battery cases.
When we accept your claim we will give you replacements with your next order, with free shipping fee for the returned products. If you would like to receive your guaranteed products without placing a new order, the shipping fee is for your account. We can send the replacements for free to any Chinese, Hong Kong or Macau address.
Send the damaged goods to our UK warranty department:
    Phone Parts Centre UK
    Warranty Department
    Unit H19/20
    FK1 UJ1 Falkirk
    United Kingdom
 Or send them to our Dutch warranty department:
    Phone Parts Centre NL
    Warranty Department
    Händelstraat 77-B
    3533GJ Utrecht
    The Netherlands

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